We do not sacrifice quality for price, we just eliminate the middleman!

The CEO and founder of You Can Diet For Less, Liz Austin, began her career in the nutrition and weight loss industry in 2010 as the owner of her own weight loss clinic. Her business grew rapidly as she counseled her clients on how to achieve success with their weight loss goals. While they were very happy with the products and the end results, they were very unhappy with the cost of the products. In response to her many customers, Liz decided to close the clinic and start You Can Diet For Less. By buying directly from the manufacturer she is now able to offer prices that are significantly below similar products she was selling in her clinic. This cost savings is helping customers all over the US and Canada to not only achieve their goal weight, but maintain it with much less expense.

All of our products are available 24/7 through our on line store at www.youcandietforless.com. Check back often as we continue to add new products all the time.