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Our rewards program works as following:

· Each dollar spent on product equals 1 Point.

· Once 500 POINTS are accrued a 25-DOLLAR gift certificate will be issued.

· PLEASE NOTE there is a 15-day DELAY after each order is shipped for the points for that order to show in your points total

· The order that the gift certificate is used on IS NOT eligible to receive reward points.

· ALL RETURNS will result in negative points!

· You points accumulate for 180 days from date of first order. You must accumulate 500 points within those 180 days to receive your reward. If you have not used your reward within the 180 days, points will be dropped each month.

How to redeem points:

· Points must be converted into a spendable form by clicking MY REWARDS under the OTHER FEATURES section in your account.

· The AVAILABLE POINTS field shows how many points that you can redeem.

· The PENDING POINTS will be available to you after the 15-day DELAY

· To redeem points, you must redeem in 500 POINT multiples and hit REDEEM NOW

· An ERROR MESSAGE will occur if you do not redeem in 500 POINT multiples.

· The extra points will remain on the available balance

The Gift Certificate:

· The next time you make a purchase the gift certificate amount is AUTOMATICALLY deducted from the subtotal on the checkout page.

· If the gift certificate amount exceeds the purchase subtotal, the remainder will be saved and applied to your next purchase.

Thank you for being loyal customers and welcome to our reward program!